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From the time your child wakes up until the time he or she goes to sleep at night, there are countless opportunities for learning and growing. Our caring, observant, responsive educators stay constantly involved in every aspect of your child's day, so they can help facilitate “teachable moments.” These are the Life Essentials ® your child will utilize long after.

Areas of Development

The five traits for holistic development Bluebird curriculum focuses on primary areas of development.

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Emotional Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Thinking and reasoning skills

Activities in the classroom include:

Singing songs, finger plays, improving their vocabulary through identification and repetition, learn to wash their hands and feed themselves, enjoy age-appropriate playgrounds and practice sharing with other students. Our teachers encourage the child to work at their own speed so they feel successful in the skills they are developing


Each child is Unique and the aim is on the development of the child as a whole.
To identify and nurture the hidden talent in a child.
To build up strong foundation of concepts according to their age appropriate topics.
To provide an ample opportunity for children to express them selves.
To make a learning process more enjoyable. Who is to learn, when to learn, what to learn, why to learn, how to learn, from whom to learn, where to learn are the different process of the learning.


Play Way Method

Play way method is child centered and caters to individual needs, interests and abilities. Play is second nature of a child. It serves as a natural way for children to expose ideas and feeling as well as to explore and understand the world around them. It also helps to build social relation among children and Is proven to be an effective medium or imparting early childhood education.